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World Wide Virus – WWV

Welcome to the pandemunity!

These are
the buddies!*

*And there are a lot more!

Virus here, virus everywhere!


You buy, we donate!

If you buy a virus, 5.555 % of the amount will be donated to »Médecins Sans Frontières« – because these guys deserve it!

SSK_Grafiken_JungeLeuteZeichenfläche 1_2x.png

Viruses have been around for ages. They have had a major impact on evolution on earth. Many viruses ensure our survival, others endanger it. Although symbiosis is important, there has always been a battle between humans and viruses. And for the last three years even more so.


A smart virus tribe consisting of 5.555 members who feel misunderstood and mistreated have fled to the blockchain in the hope of existing peacefully in the emerging metaverse.

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As seen on:

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Give a virus a home.

Mint you own virus NFT here & get a new friend.


Adopt a virus!

Some viruses are available
at Opensea.
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Types of virus available – Alpha, Beta, Gamma – they are all here!


SSKGrafiken_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie.png


Different items that dress (and hurt) your virus.


SSKGrafiken_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 3.png


24 different locations from which the viruses have fled. And some come from far far away...

IU_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 2.png


The unicorn and the fairy wings are the rarest items.  Sweet, aren’t they?


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PizzaHeader Kopie 2.png

Some facts
about the project

Our Story
& Roadmap

Step 1

During one of many, many lockdowns, we studied viruses and found that they are not necessarily evil. We found some really good ones! But they too are unjustly hated, shot, hanged... Poor guys!

✅ Discover our love for viruses
✅ Design viruses
RoadmapZeichenfläche 61_2x.png


Four friends who found their love for viruses during the lockdown (Because no one else does...)



Design dude
Makes the viruses look a-maz-ing!
Viren_Zeichenfläche 29.png


Master of Biodiversity 
Ensures the mental strength of the team.


Accompanies the digital mutation


Gives the viruses a voice


  • What is a WWV?
    The Viruses are randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as an "NFT." There are 5,555 different WWVs and each virus is completely unique. The viruses were generated using over 140 different hand drawn traits. The viruses are minted, stored, and traded on the Solana blockchain.
  • How do i purchase a virus?
    There will be two different ways to get infected by a virus. You will be able to mint one on this website during the presale or public sale periods. You can also buy a virus at a NFT-platform soon!
  • Why are we doing this?
    We want to open up a different view of viruses and make the best of the current situation.
  • Why are we donating?
    Quite simply: because they deserve it!
  • Why are viruses so simply drawn?
    They are as simple as the virus itself!
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Nice to know

Get infoFACTed!

You will find more viruses in one litre of water than there are people on earth.

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